10 of Common mistakes when applying makeup.. Avoid them to get a great look

Common mistakes when applying makeup.. Avoid them to get a great look
Written by aameragh

There are many common mistakes when applying makeup, and to get the desired result from multiple cosmetics, you must master the skills of applying makeup.

Of course, not all girls and women have the full skill, or even have the same tools, but we have to know the common mistakes that many make when applying makeup, in order to avoid them in the coming times, and here are some of them:


1-The wrong shade of foundation

The most common mistake, the skin color after the foundation cream may be acceptable to you while applying it in normal lighting, but in sunlight, the two colors will appear mismatched, as if you are applying an additional layer.

Likewise, you may choose the appropriate degree, and when you go out you face the same problem, because some types oxidize and the color appears darker when exposed to air.

There is a simple trick to know if the foundation will oxidize or not, all you have to do is put a layer on your hand, wait one minute, then put another layer next to it, if they are the same degree, then this means that it has not oxidized.

The wrong shade of foundation

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2-Use concealer a lot

Many people make the mistake of applying too much concealer or concealer.

If you choose the wrong color and apply too thick a layer, you will end up accentuating wrinkles and making the face look older.

To avoid this, choose liquid types that contain luminous particles to make your skin look healthy and natural without increasing the thickness of the layer.

3-Blush in the wrong place

Make sure to apply the blush on the upper part of the cheeks, not the central part.

Instead of trying to highlight the middle area, try focusing on the cheekbones, but don’t get too close to the nose area. Using soft, natural tones makes your face look younger and gives it a romantic glow.

4-Exaggeration of eyebrows

Exaggeration of eyebrows

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It is best if the eyebrows are a little darker than your hair color, but if you overdo it, it will look very unnatural.

When using powder, gel or pencil to fill in the eyebrows, do not rush it, and do not make them thick.

5-Skin unprepared

Preparing your skin well is your key to makeup, so you must prepare your skin first before applying makeup.

You should not put makeup on dry, flaky skin, as this will not achieve stability for the foundation cream, as well as oily skin that causes makeup to melt and not be stable as well.

Before applying makeup, you must first gently exfoliate your skin and apply a moisturizing cream that suits your skin.

And do not forget to apply the primer because it is the first bed for makeup, and it also protects your skin from the stress that makeup may cause.

6-Contour lines are out of place

Contouring helps define the features of your face, and highlight some of its bones. It takes some time to get to know your facial bone structure, as everyone has a different face.

Don’t worry about experimenting several times when drawing contour, so that you can eventually find your own way, which you are sure to highlight your features as you like.

Do not neglect the blending process, so that your face does not appear striped, as the contour shows the best results when blended correctly.

7-debugger neglected

Dark circles under the eyes are a problem for many people, as we age, these imperfections become more visible.

Using concealer will only exacerbate the problem.

On the other hand, applying some corrector will fix the problem. Try to apply it on the dark areas only, and make it as thin as possible.

8-Messy eye shadow blending

Messy eye shadow blending

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You will get the best eye shadow by mixing it when using more than one shade of color, by mixing colors you can hide the line between the two shades.

However, you may overdo it and the blending becomes a mess with the colors disappearing or looking muddy.

And be careful not to put shadows on the entire eye, because this will make you look older, but put shadows only on the outer corners of your eyes.

9-Eyeliner on the lower eyelid

Putting black color on the waterline of the lower eyelid is not wrong in itself, but if you want to have wide eyes, this will not achieve what you want, but will backfire.

If you want to get wide eyes, you can use white eyeliner on the waterline of the lower eyelid or beige color.

10-Exaggerating the lip line

Drawing lines a little further than the upper and lower lip lines is one of the makeup tricks to give you fuller-looking lips.

But in order to master this step, there are simple steps that you can follow, get to know them from here.

It is worth noting that exaggerating these lines and inaccuracy makes the appearance of the lips unnatural at all.

But if the lips are naturally narrow, you should avoid using dark lipstick, because dark colors make them appear smaller.



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